Magazines and Literary Journals

Here are some of the magazines and literary journals in which my writing has been featured:

Magazine and literary journal writing of Addie Zierman

Christ and Pop Culture
Jennifer Knapp and the Long Road Back
(Issue 10)

Creative Nonfiction (Print Edition)
Featured in Tiny Truths: from winners of the daily #cnftweet contest
(Issue 44, Spring 2012) 

Defunct! A Literary Repository for the Ages
Born Again
(Volume II, Issue II, November 2011)

Literary Bohemian
Escape on the Canal
(Postcard Prose, Issue 14, February 2012) 

MomSense (Print Edition)
Am I Enough?
(Summer 2012)

Relevant Magazine (Online Edition)
“Shoot” Christians Say
(March 19, 2012)

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