Praise for When We Were on Fire

I’ve been so fortunate to have had so many wonderful people review When We Were On Fire. Curious about what other people think of the book? Check out a couple of these full reviews!

From the Press

Publishers Weekly (STARRED REVIEW): “With its luminous prose, Zierman’s memoir reads like a novel, threaded with imperfect faith, doubt, deep searching, love and friendship and loss and depression. The slice of young adult life Zierman offers has a universal taste. This memoir is reminiscent of some of the best in the genre, including Lauren Winner’s Girl Meets God—though Zierman’s is not a story with a happy, evangelical return, and instead one about the rage a young woman might feel about being swindled by evangelical youth culture. She is a writer to watch and this is a book to savor to the very last page.” (Full review here)

From Bloggers

Alissa at Making Home Simple: “I want to thank you for your honest depiction of the beauty and pain in those years we were naive and blazing, and for capturing some of the thousands of ways we were subtly wrecked by good intentions, others and our own, and for giving me permission to feel the weight of my own doubt, to invite it in and let it exist, and yet not to let it be The End.” (Full review/letter here.)

Bekka Favelle at Moonlight & Sunbeams“The story is deeply moving, and despite the sometimes dark experiences she shares, Addie weaves hope and light and grace. Though some of the influencers in her life seem irredeemable, Addie carefully illustrates that life is a process, that we are all still working through this often messy faith and may even set it aside for a time. Honestly, I don’t think I could recommend this book highly enough.” (Full review here.)

Cara Strickland at Little Did She Know…“This whole book says: words matter. When we speak of God, of others, of ourselves, it matters what we say. Words can help us up to new heights and they can cast us into depths that seem too dark to escape.” (Full review here.)

Charity Erickson for On Pop Theology: “I cannot tell a lie. Because, as we all know, liars go to hell (Revelation 21:8). But the hard truth is that Addie Zierman’s When We Were on Fire is a book that’s going to wreck some people.” (Full review here.)

Don Sartain at Transforming Words“Let me just start by saying that Addie Zierman is both brilliant and brave for writing this book. When she tells her story, she doesn’t hold back. She tells the funny part, the embarrassing parts, and the parts that would bring shame if it weren’t for the grace of God.” (Full review here.)

Jackie Lea Sommers at Lights All Around: “Addie is terrifically honest and vulnerable, and her writing is deep, moving, and lyrical.  I kept texting her as I read, pulling out sentences that hit my heart like truth. Simply put, this is a must-read for those of us in the evangelical community. “ (Full review here.)

Kari Baumann at Through a Glass, Darkly: “This is a story that is familiar to a lot of who were Christian teenagers in the 90s, but Addie has beautifully written her way through it without forcing easy answers or resorting to Jesusy talk. If you have read her blog, you already know that she has a knack for telling stories and finding grace in ways that can take your breath away. Her book is like that, except even more so.” (Full review here.)

Leigh Kramer: When We Were On Fire is stunningly crafted and full of grace. You could take the same subculture and string together words that wound. Yet there are no bad guys here. There are mistakes- theirs, hers, ours- and there is redemption. There are things that could have been done better. There are root issues and hurts that fester but there’s also hope and healing.” (Full review here.)

Matt Appling at The Church of No People“That’s where Addie’s book meets me. My life is a series of burnouts. We’ve probably all been there. We want to be “on fire,” but we usually don’t have the fuel to keep the fire stoked. We can’t sustain that temperature for long.” (Full post here)

Registered Runaway: “I didn’t realize what deep truth I would dig up in her story. I certainly didn’t expect to find my healing in her vulnerability. […] The faithfulness of her story and her strength as a writer weave this book into one of the best you’ll read all year. I couldn’t recommend it enough.” (Full review here.)

Tanya Marlow at Thorns and Gold“Addie writes…not with a consuming bitterness, but with grace and humility and the kind of nuance and generosity of spirit that makes this book so outstanding, and so healing. It’s the kind of book that could have been an angry rant, but she rescues it from this by her self-awareness and recognition of her own flaws and mistakes. Grace and forgiveness whisper throughout her story…It’ the best Christian book I’ve read so far this year.” [Full review here.]

Stephanie Spencer at Everyday Awe“The book is her story of growing up in the evangelical youth subculture, but it is so much more than that. It has the gripping “I can’t put it down” power of a novel, mixed with the thought-provoking “I can’t get that idea out of my head” power of nonfiction. Through inviting you into her story, she opens you to processing your own. And she does so with honesty, sincerity, critique, and hope. Her words may help all of us unravel and make sense of what it looks like to walk in a life of faith.” [Full post here.]

Steve Wiens at The Actual Pastor“If you can’t seem to even enter a church without feeling physically sick, if you’re longing for a spirituality that you just can’t seem to find anywhere, read Addie’s book. It’s tender and redemptive and true. It reflects an entire subculture that is honest enough to ask the church the tough questions that need to be addressed if we are going to walk into the future together.” [Full post here.]


Releases October 15, 2013! 

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