One Small Change Series

In the Summer of 2013, we began a community project here at the blog

“I want to change the world,” I wrote, “but I’m up to my eyeballs in shoulds in my own regular life. I’m overwhelmed, already, by my daily failures as a parent and a person.”

And as you commented, we found that so many of us felt that way — overwhelmed by the pain of the world, debilitated by our own feelings of inadequacy.

So invited you to share small doable changes that you’re making in you life. Because I found that when I figured out that I could actually do one small thing, I felt empowered to do other small thingsand that in the end, this is how the world is changed. Regular people doing small, regular things.

one small change series

I thought it might be helpful to collect these in one place, so that you can peruse the contents and find ideas that inspire you. Here they are: the One Small Change series so far.

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