Glossary Of Terms

Looking for a specific term? Here are the ones we’ve covered so far on the blog, organized alphabetically.

Are there terms you don’t see that should be on this list? There’s a good chance I’ve thought of them but haven’t had a chance to write about them yet, but feel free to send any Christianese, evangelical terms, or overused Christian similes and metaphors my way:


Accountability Partners
Advent (1)
Advent (2)
Ask, Seek, Knock
Audience of One


Baby Christian
Baptism (1)
Baptism (2)
(When It’s Like) Baptism
Biblical Womanhood
Born Again
Brides, Bridegrooms & Christian Wedding Metaphors
Bridge Metaphor


Calling (The Writing/Parenting Life)
(To) Cause a Brother to Stumble: On Love and Alcohol
Change the World
Child Dedication
Children’s Bible
Children’s Bible Songs
Christian Art
Christmas (A Merry Little Evangelical Christmas)
Christmas Miracle
Christian College
Christian Subculture
Church Cliques
Church Home
Church Hunting/Shopping
Church Hunting (2): My Story
Church Hunting (3): The Places We Land
Church Recovery
Christian Bookstores
Christian Concerts
Christian Parenting
Christian Parenting (No Way Around But Through)
The Circle Maker
City on a Hill
Come Weary
Cost of Discipleship
Cynicism (1)
Cynicism (2)


Dear Jesus
Doing Life Together


Easter Weekend


Father God
Faith Journey
Faith Seasons (The First Warm Day)
Faith (is a Long Poem)
Feeding Oneself
Feeling led to [do something]
(To) Feel God’s Presence
Fill-in-the-Blank Bible Studies


Getting into the Word
Get Plugged In
Give it to the Lord
Give Thanks
Go Deep
God Bless America
God never gives us more than we can handle
God-Shaped Hole
Grace (and 2nd birthdays)
Grace (You Don’t Have to Be Good)


A Heart For…
Home [for Christmas]


If You Feel Far Away from God…Guess Who Moved?
I’m Feeling Led…
Intercessory Prayer
It’s Not About Presents, it’s About His Presence (and other Christmas cliches)
It’s Not Religion; It’s Relationship


Jesus Freak
Jesus Freak (Recovering)
Jericho Walk/Jericho March
Jesus is My Copilot
Just [as used in prayer]



Let Go, Let God
Lift Up in Prayer
Light of the World
List for a Future Spouse
Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin


Making Your Faith Your Own
More Than You Can Handle
Morning Prayer
MRS Degree


New Creation


On Fire for God
Organic Christianity
Outreach Event


Palm Sunday
Planting Seeds
Pour Into
Pray About It
Prayer Request
Prepare Our Hearts
Problem of Pain
Proverbs 31 Woman
Proverbs 31 Woman (Re-imagined)
Put the CHRIST Back in Christmas



Reading Through the Bible in a Year


Safe for the Whole Family
Saving (Ducks, Disequilibrium, and What Is Saving Me)
Say Grace
See You at the Pole
See You at the Pole (A Benediction)
Sisters in Christ
Spiritual Birthday
Spiritual Journey: The Mad Season
Spiritual Journey: The Cold Season
Standing Up for God
Stumbling Block
Suburbia and Christianity
Sunday Mornings
Swearing/4-Letter Words


Three-Minute Testimony
Three-Minute Testimony (Reimagined)
True Love Waits
The Truth in Love


Unequally Yoked


Veggie Tales
Visitors (at church)


What I Have to Give
White As Snow
Why Didn’t You Just…?
Women in Ministry
Women’s Ministry
The Word
Worship Service (When “Worship Service” Looks Like a Festival)
Worship Song (On Worship and Hyperbole)
WWJD (What Would Jesus Do)



Young Marriage


16 thoughts on “Glossary Of Terms

  1. “Bible-Believing Christian”

    I’ve recently started following your blog and love it! I consider myself a “post-evangelical,” and now serve as a minister in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) denomination. While I am at home theologically here, there is still much I miss about my evangelical roots.

    Anyway, one of my friends and church members called me yesterday to ask me to make sense of Kirk Cameron’s comment yesterday on the Today show that he was a “Bible-Believing Christian.” My friend was completely baffled by what he meant! So I did my best to explain what he was trying to say about his own “brand” of Christianity, as well as any one else’s–namely, that unless you believed the Bible literally, you were not a Bible-believing Christian. Then I thought, Addie could surely make much more poetic and profound sense of this! So, I’m offering “Bible-Believing Christian” as a term for your glossary.

    1. So this was an old comment, but I don’t particularly care. I’d be interested in seeing an Addie Zierman article on “Bible believing Christian.”

      My own little (beginning) rant on the subject:
      The word “literal.”
      I hate that word- and not just because it’s ridiculously overused and obviously misused. It’s worse than that, and in this context, “unless you believed the Bible literally” is a phrase that does way more harm than good.

      Nobody (including me) actually knows what believing the Bible “literally” means. When someone says “I believe the Bible is literally true,” they certainly don’t mean that it doesn’t have poetry in it- but what does it mean to think that poetry is “literally” true?
      The word is just bad. It has nothing valuable to contribute to discussions about innerrancy/infallibility/inspiration/interpretation, and it continues to drag the discussion down and mind-kill everyone who gets involved, no matte what they think about it.

      If I can co-opt something from the wonderful Scott Alexander’s Motte-and-Bailey blog post:

      “So what is the real [literalism] we should be debating? Why would you even ask that question? What is this, some kind of dumb high school debate club? Who the heck thinks it would be a good idea to say ‘Here’s a vague poorly-defined concept that mind-kills everyone who touches it – quick, should you associate it with positive affect or negative affect?!’
      Taboo your words, then replace the symbol with the substance.”

  2. Can I make a request, well a couple actually
    1. Spiritual Parents
    2. Super Christian

    I offer myself up as research if you ever write about Spiritual Parents….I swear we were in a cult. It however did not cause us from shying away from church. God so graciously lead us to a Gospel Centered environment where we were taught about Grace.

    1. Great additions, Jennifer! I’ll definitely be in touch about the “spiritual parents” one!

  3. In the World: phrase often used to discuss things you used to do before you became a Christian
    E.g. “I used to listen to _____ music when I was in the world.”

  4. I believe you’re missing the whole list of evangelical terms from the charismatic/spirit-filled side of the family. (There’s two right away.)

    Here’s a few to get you started:
    Baptized in the Holy Ghost (or Holy Spirit)
    Spiritual Gifts
    Speaking in Tongues
    Interpretation of Tongues
    Prayer Language
    Binding and Loosing
    Anointing (or under the Anointing)
    Word of Knowledge
    Gift of Healing
    New Testament Church
    Apostolic Church
    Prayer Meeting
    Laughing in the Spirit
    Slain in the Spirit


  5. So i know you are on a blogging break but
    i would love for you to eventually write about the term “prayer warrior” it contains a lot of baggage for me. It was a lot of pressure growing up and even still to be considered a prayer warrior (someone who never stops praying or never gives up.). Anyways hopefully you can write about this. I would love to your opinion on this term.

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