Fearless Questions

Hi friends. I had the honor of being interviewed on my friend Jeff Blackburn’s outstanding podcast Fearless Questiona week or so ago about darkness and the faith journey and authenticity.

I don’t do that many podcasts, but it’s fun, every now and then, to get a chance to dialogue about this stuff through more than just the comments section of my blog. (Which I’ve been terrible about replying to lately. Sorry about that. I read every comment though — and appreciate each one deeply! It’s jus that my life is in a little bit of upheaval right now…)

Anyway if you’re a podcast person — or even if you’re not — I hope you’ll click over to the Fearless Questions blog to listen, or find the episode on iTunes here!

2 thoughts on “Fearless Questions

  1. I listened to the first half on the way to work this morning and I can’t wait to listen to the rest! I managed to keep from crying by reminding myself that I can’t redo my mascara at work, LOL. When you were explaining that you weren’t really a sports girl or involved with much else in school but you found out you were really good at doing Jesus-y stuff, something clicked in my head because that was absolutely me too. I was home-schooled but didn’t go to home-school co-ops or anything like that. Youth group was my only activity (aside from two semesters in a home-school choir, which was a very odd, retrospectively hilarious experience) and I was so good at being good.

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