Navigating Your Faith Journey When Your Spouse is in a Different Place [Ask Addie #14]

Today’s “Ask Addie” question is about marriage and faith and what you do when your partner is in a totally different faith season than you are.

It’s a question I have a little experience with.

For everyone who grew up hearing about the dangers of being “unequally yoked” and then found themselves — somehow — there anyway, this one is for you. Click over to Off the Page to read it now.

2 thoughts on “Navigating Your Faith Journey When Your Spouse is in a Different Place [Ask Addie #14]

  1. (I was going to leave this on the Off the Page site, but I couldn’t turn off the all-caps!)

    For a while I’ve been wondering whether the most underappreciated challenge to marriage is the different rates at which spouses change. It seems to happen no matter what we do, and it requires SO much effort to work through it. Addie, you’ve captured so much of that in your response to Eliza.

    May I add one quibble? I happen to love oxen, and I think you summed up the metaphor very well. I wonder, though, if it might be more useful for Eliza to think of her husband as “the different ox” rather than “the weaker ox.” It’s not impossible that his sense of drift or lostness (if that’s what he’s feeling) may ultimately be a place of intense divine work in his soul, rather than a place of weakness. Does that make any sense?

    1. I totally get that and agree. I tried to be clear that “stronger” didn’t mean better…just different. Easier maybe. But the words themselves are a bit loaded.

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