Introducing New “Resources” Lists!


In last month’s first annual reader survey, several of you mentioned that you wanted one central place where you could view all of my reading recommendations.

No problem! I thought. That’ll be easy! I thought.

Hours and hours later, I’ve only managed to finish a few of these lists. They’re a lot more time consuming than I imagined!

Still, I’m so excited to be able to provide some lists of resources for you in your own faith journey. The idea is that these lists will all remain dynamic: as I read and discover new things, I’ll add them here. So you should check back every once in a while. (I’ll try to let you know when there’s new stuff there!)

So far I’ve created the following lists:

Books for Cultivating FaithThese are my “cover artists,” and the voices I seek out when I’m feeling weighed down by my own Bible baggage.

Books for Cultivating CommunityThese are a few books that have impacted how I think about the local church and about the work of community-building.

Spiritual Memoirs: Here is a list of some of the faith memoirs that I’ve read that might provide companioning voices for you on your faith journey.

Blogs & Websites I LoveThis is a list of the places I frequent online that help me to think about my faith and my life in new ways.

Coming soon:

Books on Writing & Creativity

Books on Family & Parenting

Fiction Favorites

You can navigate to these lists anytime from the Resources tab on the top-level menu.


Happy reading!

6 thoughts on “Introducing New “Resources” Lists!

  1. These resources are amazing! Thank you for taking the time to put these lists together. I have browsed through each one and found some new books to read and blogs to follow. Blessings to you, Addie.

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