Motherhood! Wine! A Conversation with ME!

In a cruel twist of fate, my second book released during my kids’ spring break week.

But I can’t blame fate for the fact that I am in the Wisconsin Dells at the Mount Olympus village with my Mom and my two kids. This is purely my own fault. That would be fun. I thought back in December when I saw the deal come by. Silly December Addie. Indoor water parks are not fun for grown ups! What were you thinking?

Last night I sat in our tiny hotel room and got a little weepy reading through about a third of the synchroblog posts that you guys wrote. They are so incredibly beautiful and full of wisdom. I’ll be sharing a round-up next week, but in the meantime, click around and check them out for yourself. And it’s not too late to join in if you haven’t written something already! The linkup will be open through Saturday night!

Anyway, while I go down the giant water slide with my four-year-old six thousand times, pop over and check out all the stuff I’ve been writing all over the place (which ironically all got published on the same day.)

When Your Mama Heart Has Cabin Fever (at Lisa-Jo Baker’s blog): I’m over at Lisa-Jo Baker’s place about trying to parent during your own complex faith journey. This is the closest I’ve ever really come to talking about how to raise your kids when your own spiritual journey feels displaced. I hope you’ll resonate!

A Toast to My Journey with Wine (at Christianity Today’s her.meneutics)I have all the feelings about this piece on her.meneutics today in which I talk about my struggles with moderation and the need for these conversations in Christian circles. If you want me to see your comment about this post, do it here or on Facebook, as I’ll be staying far far away from the her.menutics comment section!

Addie Zierman Night Driving Interview (at Off the Page): A couple of weeks ago, I did a phone interview with my friend Cara Strickland for Off the Page…which ballooned into an hour and a half conversation about all the things. Read part of it here!

In the meantime, think of me, lugging that giant double-tube up the waterslide steps…for eternity.

Send coffee. So. Much. Coffee.

5 thoughts on “Motherhood! Wine! A Conversation with ME!

  1. I liked the piece on wine. I like the distinction between problematic and addicted. I know I have a problematic relationship with entertainment — I love being distracted.

  2. I subscribed to all the email summaries from Christianity Today and so I stumbled (no pun intended) across your article on wine. I re-subscribed to all those email updates because I plan on blogging about Catholic-Evangelical relationships. .You can guess my relationship with wine due to it jumping out at me. It’s cabernet tonight. I make my own wine from kits and sometimes from scratch.

    I was a very enthusiastic evangelical for at least 25 years (age 10 – 35) and then (long story) I became an evangelical Catholic. My wife came along with me. We have wine for communion every Mass.

    I can relate to you trying to find the middle ground with wine. I struggle as well but it sure is nice to be able to carry on a conversation with other folks who drink wine and even more so those who make wine.

    I speak Evangelical, Catholic, drink and non-drink. Another way to look at is trying to find that balance between being all things to all people for the sake of the Gospel and not putting a stumbling block in front of a brother or sister.

    Enjoy the Minnesota March. I’m here with you where many are cold but few are frozen.

  3. Your wine article is AMAZING, and so similar to my own journey. Thanks for sharing!

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