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This week, I’ve been sharing my thoughts and ideas on blogging, which feels weird to me because I don’t consider myself an expert by any stretch of the imagination. I’ve been sort of bumbling through this process for the last three years, and even now, I know that there are things that I’m not doing yet that I really should be — whether it be behind-the-scenes or in the world of social media.

So for all of us who are feeling our way along the foggy path of the Blogosphere, I’ve compiled a list. There are a lot of smart people out there offering guidance, tips and tutorials for all sorts of things blog-and-social-media-related. These are just a few I’ve found.

Some of them I’ve tried and found useful, others I’m hoping to slowly work through soon in order improve what I’m doing (while, you know, trying not to kill my soul.) I’ve also pinned most of these on my Blogging Tips & Resources Pinterest board, so feel free to follow that as well!

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Blog Design

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  • This list of The 21 Types of Content We All Crave is interesting. It’s not all that useful alone, but perhaps if you use each item as a beginning to a mind map…it could be. Where does this category intersect with your blog’s themes? What unexpected directions could you take each one of these ideas?
  • Another similar idea — only this one is “kinds” instead of “themes” like the previous one. 20 Types of Blog Posts for Writer’s Block. Again, I’d suggest using each of these only as a start to a mind-map. Where could you go?
  • This post (whose heading The Secret to a Gazillion Blog Post Ideas seems a bit…exaggerated) suggests using magazine headings to springboard into topic ideas of your own. Sounds interesting and like it might have potential.
photo credit: delgrosso via photopin cc
photo credit: delgrosso via photopin cc

Technical Stuff

photo credit: infocux Technologies via photopin cc
photo credit: infocux Technologies via photopin cc


  • I have always loved using the Flickr Creative Commons. There are great photos there, and if you use the ones with the Attribution license, you have the right to modify them (read: Pinterest-ify) as long as you cite the source.
  • My new best friend, though, is Photo Pin, which allows you to more easily search photos in the Flickr Creative Commons and provides a coded attribute link when you download. That means all you have to do is Copy and Paste the attribution code into the “Caption” box for an image, and you’re all set. Super easy!
  • There are tons of other sites for free images. I found this list of 53+ Free Image Sources super helpful. The ones I use most often are morguefile (which doesn’t require attribution), Death to the Stock Photo (which sends you a packet of photos every month that you can use, attribution free) and CreationSwap (which has more “religious” type photos but does require attribution.)
  • To modify photos, I like to use PicMonkey or Fotor. These free sites allow you to filter your photos and add text. (Here’s a linkup of 17 cool tutorials on fancy ways to use PicMonkey). Also, this one that tells you How to Design a Free Media Kit for Your Blog with PicMonkey looked cool too.
  • I haven’t done much with Canva, but it’s another drag-and-drop, free online design software that allows that has project templates for everything from posters and presentation to Instagram posts. I’m looking forward to playing around with it a little more!
  • I tend to use Fotor a little more often than PicMonkey, mostly because it allows me to use fonts resident on my computer (instead of just a basic set.) It also has an option for creating Covers for your social media pages, which allows you to create a uniform look across the board for free! (When I changed up my blog last year, I had my blog designer do this for me, but if you’re looking for a free options, this looks really easy and nice.)
  • This site has all sorts of free textures. This can be useful when you’re trying to create a pin-able quote.
  • I love this because it combines my addiction to DIY’s that I can’t possibly actually do myself with…blogging! This DIY Photo Light Box has the potential to erase my terrible kitchen counters and make my pictures look a little more professional perhaps.

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Social Media

  • Did you know that there are “best” and “worst” times to post on different social networks. I didn’t. But here’s a handy chart
  • I don’t know if I’d use these exact categories, but I like the idea of creating a kind of “posting schedule” for Twitter and Facebook. For those of us who never know what to do besides sharing our blog posts.
  • This was a good basic article about using Twitter Lists. I wish I could find more information on helping to sort your followers to make them easier to interact with. That’s my problem. I suppose I’ll have to come up with a system on my own.
  • This post has some ideas of how and why to use Pinterest Group Boards, which I’ve never thought about but might try out soon
  • This post tells you how to Add a Pinterest Mouseover Button to Your Blog Images — which is great, particularly for readers who are reading your stuff on their phones. Much easier.
  • There’s a site called PinAlerts that allows you to sign up and receive an email whenever someone pins something from your website? I recently signed up for it, hoping it will help me to figure out if the images I’m using are effective. Time will tell.
  • Amy Lynn Andrews provides a wealth of information on using your Facebook fan page here.
  • For those of us who are scared of Google+ this Ultimate List of Google+ Tips might help.
photo credit: mkhmarketing via photopin cc

Other Ideas

  • Rachelle Gardner has a super interesting idea about Creating Your Own Marketing Team. It functions like a writing group, only instead of focusing on craft, it focuses on the project from a marketing standpoint. I love this idea and hope to try it out soon.
  • After three years of blogging, I’m totally intrigued by this 30-Day Creative Business Cleanse. The first thing she brings up is organizing your images. Woah.


I wanted to get up to 50, but I’m too tired. Blogging for an entire week about…blogging…has pretty much done me in.

So I’ll leave it to you to add to the list. What are your favorite resources? Who do you read when you need to get inspired? When you’re looking for technical tips? When you want to learn something new about social media?

26 thoughts on “40+ Blogging & Social Media Resources

  1. I use Wylio.com for stock photos because not only do they have a ton of images to choose from, when you download the image, the attribution comes with it. One less step! I hadn’t heard of Fotor before you mentioned it, will have to check it out. To see what’s been pinned to Pinterest, I look at http://www.pinterest.com/source/leighkramer.com To see yours, you type in the URL after /source/ and everything pops up.

    1. Wylio.com is great too because you don’t have to download the image. You can copy in paste things in html mode and it’s all right there, attribution included. If you know what you’re after, you can get an image into a blog post in a couple of minutes. Time-saving and user-friendly. Winning!

  2. Thanks, Addie. Great roundup. The link to Rachelle Gardner’s “publishing and social media and the intersection of both” just takes me to her homepage though.

    1. Yes…that’s just pretty much the theme of her whole blog. Just pointing her out in case people hadn’t been following her. She has such great tips.

  3. Addie, I can’t tell you how much I am enjoying your blog and, especially, appreciating this series. I read your excellent book back in February and have been enjoying your blog ever since. Despite writing a blog myself, I read very few (for the reasons you have alluded to this week: too long, too dull, too self-interested) but yours I find enjoyable and thought-provoking – thank you! And thank you for your blog tips. I was feeling in a rut with my blog – and just as I’m starting to crawl out, feeling more positive about it and committed to it, your timely and helpful advice arrives in my inbox. So many things here to try out over the next few weeks and months. I’m excited – thank you! x

    1. What kind words, Lucy! Thank you! Yes — hope this helps you find new energy! So easy to end up in a rut with something like this — Lord knows, I have. Thanks again!

  4. Addie, I clicked on over here via David Ozab’s site where he recapped posts from last week under ‘Bloggerhood Etc.’ Your series is fabulous; interestingly I wrote a blog post the other morning very similar to the content in your ’12 Sustainable Practices’ post. I like it when God confirms things that way. I look forward to sharing it via your link up (and to reading the rest of the posts in this series.)

  5. PicMonkey actually lets you use all your own fonts too! (It’s a recent change!)

  6. A great post with tons of useful information. I came across this post at the perfect time. Thank you so much.

    Gargi, a new blogger

  7. Addie, thank you again, SO MUCH! This series has actually made me interested in engaging the business side of blogging. I just re-did my header with Pic Monkey and love it. I’m going to work through everything in this series over the next year. Bless you!

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