Thoughts on the Writing/Parenting Life

the mama writerI’m honored today to be posting over at Steve Wiens’ blog, The Actual Pastor.

Steve is a pastor at one of my favorite churches in the area, Church of the Open Door.

(This is also the church I wrote about in this post about pain and the absence of evangelical art.)

I’m thankful for the work he is doing and to know him now in the interwebs!

In keeping with the theme of his blog, I wrote about the actual writing/mama life. (As opposed to the glittering, book-filled, type-writer dreams that I used to have.) I hope you’ll join me there!

Here’s the first bit:

Madeliene L’Engle had a Tower.

Maybe not an actual tower, but a special writing room that she called “The Tower” in her home at Crosswicks. I imagine it full of leather-spined first editions and a heavy, oak desk. I imagine a view – the kind that inspires deep thoughts – and one of those old typewriters with keys that click with beautiful finality.

I always thought that the writing life would look like that. The room. The books. The windows. A quiet place for lovely words to emerge, calm and orb-like, rooted in some other magnificent reality.

Here is my actual writing spot…

[click here to be shocked and appalled.]

6 thoughts on “Thoughts on the Writing/Parenting Life

  1. You make me laugh. I was indeed shocked and appalled – after I dug around on my own desk shoving aside taxes, overdue library books, a broken stapler and the form I should have dealt with last month out of my way – all to find my mouse so I could click over. It’s frankly miraculous that I have never spilled coffee on my computer. It’s always perched precariously between the stacks of mess. 🙂

    This was a great post.

    1. Love it. (And I don’t know how I haven’t spilled coffee on my computer yet either. Though I have spilled Diet Coke…so there’s that.)

  2. My toddler just did the exact same thing (climbing in lap/hitting keys) as I’m trying to respond to your fabulous post. I kept nodding my head over and over reading this. Though, you have my undying awe that you wake up at 4. That in its self is amazing. Thank you for being bold enough to share the reality and remember, you were born to do this.

    1. Thanks for the empathy. The 4am thing is more impressive than it sounds. It takes me a good half hour of staring into my light-box, half-praying, half-sleeping, guzzling my coffee like a mad woman before I’m actually awake enough to write. 😉

  3. I feel as though I just caught a glimpse of my already scripted autobiography.

    I’m sitting here, 7am, sipping coffee (hazelnut coffee please), after 2 hours of writing, watering seedlings, jotting down notes, making a pot of oats, sending the hub. out the door, reading and highlighting and whispering and pulling the vacuum out of the closet as to not forget to sweep up the two main rooms our guests will inhabit in 90 minutes and counting.

    My 11 mo. and 2 yr. old girls are either resting or sleeping or talking to themselves as I type and I amsimplycatchingmybreath for the next 30 mins. of writing in my head, jotting notes on the windows as I shower and surrendering what may…

    This was a most perfect post for my spirit. Thank you.

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