Suffering and Glory

Hello friends! I’m happy to tell you that I’ve emerged from my two weeks of insanity, and I should be back to my regular Tuesday/Thursday posting schedule…with the exception of one special bonus post tomorrow (Wednesday.) There’s something I’ve been wanting to tell you…

Today I’m so honored to be featured over at my friend Tanya Marlow’s blog for her God and Suffering series. Tanya is one of the most generous, kind people that I’ve met online, and she writes beautifully. I hope you’ll stop by to read my contribution and then take a few minutes to read some of her posts.

I’m writing today about suffering and glory. Here’s how it starts:

Ask me about my suffering, and I will tell you you’ve got the wrong girl.

I will point you toward people who’ve experienced real hardships. To people who’ve lost children, who’ve lost parents, who’ve lost each other. To the ones with scarves over chemo-bald heads and tired eyes. I will point you to the martyrs and the murdered, to abused and abandoned, to the hungry and the hurting. Every time, I will try point you somewhere else.

After all, I am a hearty Midwestern girl. I come from buck up and dust yourself off and try again. I come from generations of farm folk who spent long days bent in the dirt. From polio and prairies and no need to see the doctor for a little thing like that. From this too shall pass

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