Catch. Release.

Guest post for Micha Boyett, Sacred Everyday SeriesI’m so excited to be sharing over at Micha Boyett’s blog today. I can’t tell you how much I love this blog or how deeply I appreciate the gentle beauty of Micha’s words.

Where I tend toward cynicism, Micha speaks grace. Where I get bogged down in angst, her words are a soft lantern that guide me forward in faith. She has helped me to see my former, fifteen-year-old Jesus Freak self through a lens of love rather than shame. Her Practicing Benedict series possibly changed my life.

For her beautiful new series, This Sacred Everyday, Micha has asked writers to explore the ways they connect with God in the mundane normal of everyday.

Naturally, I wrote about my kid.

Here’s the first bit of it. I hope you’ll join me over at Micha’s place and then take some time to read some of her past posts. They’re amazing.

The first critter of the year was a long, thick-bodied salamander that my husband found trapped in the window-well one drizzly March morning.

He brought it to the front door: Dane. What’s this? And my 3-year-old went wild-eyed with the wonder of it, clamoring into his shoes and jacket to go out and hold it.

This boy, he is my tactile one, my one-toy-in-each-hand one. He is my blonde-haired, blue-eyed first born, stubborn and sweet. He wants to hold everything. He wants to keep it clenched tight in his hands and feel it against his skin.

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7 thoughts on “Catch. Release.

  1. I have often thought of commenting/contacting you since I started reading your blog. I’m a fellow MN girl with a lot of the same background (from what I read here 🙂 ) I tend to feel shy about commenting, no clue why. But I wanted you to know that your blog has been a great encouragement to me. So many times you have put into beautiful words what my soul has searched to say. Thank you for that!

    1. I love that you took the time to comment Maggie (though never feel bad if you don’t!). Thanks so much for reading and for all the kind words. It’s so nice to find people who have had the same experiences and background; it always makes me feel a little less alone. Thanks again!

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