Blogs, Platforms, and the Surprising Ways We Are Healed

Blogs, Platforms and the Surprising Ways We are Healed

Today I’m departing a little from my usual format to talk about my journey with blogging over at Lisa Colon Delay’s place.

My post there is about grad school and my manuscript and about my angry crisis of faith. It’s about blogs, platforms, and the surprising ways we are healed.

It’s for all of us, bloggers or not, who are weak. Who need God to show up in a new way. In an unexpected place. It’s for those of us desperate to build something new.

Here’s a little teaser:

My manuscript is a reflection of a five-year journey away from and back toward God. I was writing into the anger, into the pain. I was digging through the past, pulling sharp shards of memories out of my heart and into the light.

It was messy and raw and a little volatile, and when I was done, I felt very weak – like someone who has just gotten better from a long bout with a terrible flu and is maybe ready to try eating…but probably just half a piece toast…

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