Taking a Sick Day

We are sick.

Every last one of us in our house, except possibly the dog, and who knows about him, because he’s been licking the dirty dishes in the open dishwasher all afternoon.

I am tricking my baby into smiling so that I can jam the antibiotics down his throat. I am lugging my crying, 102-degree toddler around the house, because every time I put him down he bursts into tears and says “Mommy huggin you?”

I am hacking a deep, rattling smoker’s hack into my sweatshirt sleeve and then carrying on with all the mommying…because I can’t take a sick day from my kids.

But I can take a sick day from the blog.

Instead of laboring over a phrase, a word, a cliché, I am going to go take a shower. Put on my pajamas, go to bed.

Be well, my friends. I’m going to go blow my nose now.

5 thoughts on “Taking a Sick Day

    1. 1. We’re getting there. I think. I hope.
      2. Thank you! So kind of you to say!
      3. If you lived in MN, I would DEFINITELY be your friend. And you could come over and teach me how to use coarse salt and sanding sugar and the difference between instant coffee and espresso. 😉

    1. Loved your reply over at ExFake. Thanks for stopping by and hope you feel better soon!

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