Born Again

I am so honored to be featured in the November issue of the beautiful online literary magazine, Defunct!

If you’re interested in checking out an excerpt of my memoir, this is your chance! It’s a short section (similar in style and format to the entries in this blog) examining the phrase “born again.”

(Disclaimer: There is a little bit of profanity in this piece, so if that kind of language is difficult for you, you may want to skip this.)

If you have a chance, stop by and check out this gorgeous magazine.

  • Jayne Eclov

    I loved the way you described it “awake, awake, awake”. I am so amazed at the way God continually opens our eyes to Him, who He is and what He is like. There is no great “life”.

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  • Scottie

    I’ve just discovered your blog and loved it so much that I went back and started at the beginning. It’s like a book I can’t put down. So I’m here, at this post, and the link doesn’t work! I’d love to read what you wrote about “Born Again” – could you repost it somewhere else since it seems like Defunct is no longer?

    • Addie Zierman

      No way!! Defunct went defunct? Now that’s irony right there. This post is (was?) actually an excerpt from my book. So if you’ve ordered that, you’ll find it in Chapter 21!